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Honey, Pickles & Jams

Bean Tree Farm
Barbara Rose
NW Tucson, AZ

Description: Bean Tree Farm is a 20 acre saguaro/ironwood forest farm and ecological community. Since 1985, Bean Tree Farm has developed as a rainwater-fed, solar-powered, perennial farm and educational center. In addition to ongoing farm business, we offer seasonal hands-on workshops sharing the art and craft of native foods harvesting/processing, natural building, and permaculture.

Methods: Bean Tree Farm wild harvests its products from the desert. No inputs are used.

Products: Seasonal desert fruits, seeds, pods and pads (barrel cactus, cholla, herbs, ironwood, mesquite, paloverde, prickly pear, saguaro); fresh, dried, frozen, and solar-cooked preserves and specialty products, fresh eggs, etc.

Availability: Contact Bean Tree for availability.

Castle Rock Honey
Harry Wolters
Raw, unfiltered, organic honey taken from four hives in my back yard located at Castle Rock Hillside in Old Bisbee. Available seasonally at Bisbee Farmers Market and in Old Bisbee at Biz Art Gallery in Brewery Gulch and at KBRP studios at Central School on Howell Ave. All proceeds are donated to KBRP-LP, Bisbee Community Radio.

Dragoon Marketplace
Cochise off Dragoon Rd.
Kenn Goldman and Debbie Mechigian
Chutneys and marmalades made with local pesticide-free produce and agave nectar. Also offer local produce and products from Sunizona Farms, Bonita Bean Co., Santa Cruz Chili Co., Simmons Honey and others. Sold at Bisbee, Civano (Tucson), Rincon and Sierra Vista Farmers Markets.

Sue Wyckoff
440 W Sandal St
Cochise, AZ
520 559-1698

Description: Grammy’s has been offering her artisan jams, jellies, chutneys, mustards, and pickles for several years.

Methods: Grammy’s sources local ingredients whenever possible. Our orka and picklers are from Cascabel, Amado, and Marana. Our organic fruit is from Willcox. Our prickly pear is from our farm and neighbors, and our rhubarb is from Miller Canyon.

Products: Habanero Dills, Prickly Pear Jelly, Prickly Habanaro Jelly, Munchin’ Mustard, Dilly Beans, Rolling Thunder Jam, local Rhubarb Jam, and Pomegranate Jelly are among our customer favorites. Our pickles include whole spices and herbs for outstanding artisan flavor.

Availability: Sierra Vista Farmers Market, St Phillips Farmers Market, and more! Call for details.

Holly’s Little Farm
Marana, 16855 West Manvile Road
Anthony Tubbiolo
(520) 461-3632
Holly’s Little Farm sells local, raw honey straight from the hive, adding nothing and taking nothing from the natural process. Raw honey is available year-round and bee pollen is available in season. For further information and availability, visit the website or contact Anthony at 520-461-3632.

Killer Bee Honey
Store on Main Street in Bisbee
Reed Booth
Flavored honeys, honey butters and honey mustards. Bee removal.

Simmons Honey Ranchito
7284 Leslie Canyon Road
Douglas, AZ 85607
(520) 364-2745

Products: Raw desert honeys, creamed honey, honey stix, honey mustard, honey comb. Bee pollen, propolis, & royal jelly. Home-style jams & pickles made with local fruit when available. Prickly pear jelly & jalapeno jelly, beeswax candles and lip balm.

Availability: Our products can be found at the Bisbee and Sierra Vista Farmers Markets & local stores in Cochise County.

Southwest Bee Supply
844 S. 6th Ave Tucson
Roy Wilson
Pure raw honey, bee pollen & royal jelly. Also all natural flavor infused raw honey. Sold at the store in Tucson, the Rincon Valley Farmers Market in Vail & the Keif-Joshua Winery in Elgin on Sundays. We also supply all your beekeeping needs & equipment. In addition we sell beeswax, palm wax, soy wax & candle making supplies. Roy has been doing live bee removals for the past 5 years. Bees are a vital part of our ecosystem and saving them is a priority.

The Bee Man
Monty McDaniel
Local Honey, Pollen, & Wax. Bee & Wasp Removal Service. Will sell honey, pollen, & wax year round or as long as supplies last. Perform bee removal service all year. Declaration of sustainability: Instead of killing the local Africanized Honey Bee, I remove them from unwanted structures and “rehab” them. I put them to work pollinating crops and making excellent honey for everyone to enjoy. I use natural beekeeping practices.

The Singing Beekeeper
PO Box 1305, Oracle 85623
Freddie Terry
Honeys from catclaw acacia, mesquite, and occasionally yucca, saguaro, & agave! Local bee pollen, propolis and pure beeswax candles. Sold at the Tucson (St. Philip’s) Farmers Market and at the Calabasas Fiesta in Oracle.

We Be Jamin’
Barbara Wiley
Tucson, AZ
(520) 990-3050

Description: We Be Jamin’ Farms cultivates native Arizona plants like prickly pear cactus and mesquite trees from our farm. We grind the mesquite pods to blend the nutty and nutritious sweet meal that incorporates into spice rubs, sauces, jelly and syrup. We harvest prickly pear fruit every year to produce our famous jellies and syrups. And, as if that were not enough to keep me busy, I have been pickling cucumbers, beets and making relish to compliment my line of preserves for the past three summers. All of these products are made using wholesome ingredients such as pure cane sugar, fresh pesticide-free fruits, and natural pectin.

Products: Jams, Syrups, Pickles, Relish